Botox and Filler Applications

Botox and Filler are as known, the first two of the mostly applied non-surgical (non-surgical) aesthetic procedures at the present time. The main purpose of creating this site from the very beginning is to correct the wrong information about botox and filling applications in the environment. On this page, you will be able to access general information about Botox Application and Filler Application as well as information specific to each area where they can be applied. In addition to this, you will be able to access information about the negative situations both applications can create.


Botox Application

What is Botox?

I will tell you Botilinum Toxin (botox) application, which is the only application that is unrivaled in the Aesthetic Procedures class, from the moment it is used.

The word BOTOKS is actually formed by the combination of the letters of the two words. It is actually a TOXin produced by a bacterium called BOtulinum. It was created by combining the first two letters of the word botilinum and the first 4 letters of the word toxin.

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It will be understood that a toxin (poison) produced by a botox bacteria. The story to be detected first is a bit sad. Botilinum bacteria class, which can grow in oxygen-free environments, has been found to be grown in canned food in non-clean environments at home. Its effect is that it creates temporary paralysis in fully lined (voluntarily moved) muscles.

It was first used by an ophthalmologist after it was revealed that it paralyzed the striped muscles in the area where it was applied. Yes, you have not read wrong, an ophthalmologist used it to treat strabismus and succeeded. In case of strabismus, the overworked muscle that solved the lined muscles that brought movement to the eyeball resolved by applying botox. With this success, he shed light on aesthetic and cosmetic applications.

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Why Do Wrinkles Form on Our Face?

I feel like you ask how botox that makes muscle paralysis is used for an aesthetic procedure. For this we need to understand why wrinkles are present on our face and often the main subject of our complaints. Especially when we are surprised, the parallel lines formed on the forehead when the eyebrows rise up, the lines on the edge of my eyes when we laugh (goose foot), and the vertical lines between the two eyebrows formed by the frowning of our eyebrows when we are angry are formed by our facial expressions.

How do wrinkles form?

In order to create these mimics and change our facial expression, there are many muscles on our face that we call mimic muscles and there are two very important features that distinguish these mimic muscles from other muscles in the body.

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The first of these is the mimic muscles directly connected to the skin on them, and the second is that these muscles are very small. Like every striped muscle in our body, mimic muscles contract and shorten during movement. It is a normal physiological condition that the length of the muscle shortens while contracting.

Wrinkles and deep lines that we do not like at all are formed by the fact that this physiological condition is in the mimic muscles. As I said before, mimic muscle is completely attached to the skin and the skin will not shorten while the muscle is shortened because there is no physiological event such as skin shortening. While the length of the muscle attached to it is shortened, the skin is bent inward like an accordion to show harmony. These bends turn to us completely as wrinkles.

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So are these wrinkles all the same?

It is also necessary to divide the wrinkles into two, which are Static and Dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that occur only when the mimic is made. Static wrinkles are wrinkles that are present in the skin when the mimic is not made, that is, when we do not move it. As can be expected, dynamic wrinkles can be easily removed with Botox Application, but Static Wrinkles will benefit from Botox Application but will not disappear completely. The point that should be emphasized here is not to create static wrinkles, which is to start botox application at an earlier age.

The differences between static and dynamic wrinkles

Many people complain about the age of botox application being too low in this regard, but if I do not want to create static lines as I mentioned above, it will be much more accurate to start botox application at a younger age, when you do not have static lines. Of course, it is not only necessary to prevent the formation of static lines with botox application, but also to protect the moisture balance of the skin and use sunglasses that are large enough to prevent your eyes from being dazzled in sunny weather.

The only and most effective way to deal with these wrinkles that occur while doing mimic is Botox Application.

Filler Application

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What is Dermal Filler?

If we come to the Filling Application, it is necessary to know that it creates quite different techniques and effects than botox application. It actually creates volume like its name in the region where the filling is made. These regions can be many places, but the effect is always the same: adding volume.

Temproary or Permanent Fillers. Which one is better?

It is possible to separate the fillings into 2 classes at first. The first of these is Permanent and the second is Temporary. There are serious differences in influence between these two large classes. I would never prefer to use permanent filling in my own practice. It is known that permanent fillings do not remain as they were originally made after a certain period of time and create problems with the tissues surrounding it. For this reason, I never wanted to use permanent filling.

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On the other hand, temporary fillings are not desired by consumers either due to its decreasing effect. However, it should be clearly stated here that the fact which a filling maintains its volume for a certain period of time and then disappears completely is actually the most ideal and correct thing for patients.

In this way, there is never a process to create different problems with the surrounding tissues. Yes, as I said, the perspectives of you as being consumer patients and we plastic surgeons are quite different. But know that temporary fillings are always better for your health.

What does filler have inside?

The most common ingredient in temporary fillers is Hyaluronic Acid. This substance is actually a large molecule sugar and is actually a molecule that normally supports the connective tissue among our other tissues. Yes, you did not see it wrong, hyaluronic acid is normally present in our tissue.

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The Hyaluronic Acid used is a molecule produced entirely in laboratory environments and is actually a foreign substance for the body. However, as the amount of additional components in hyaluronic acid fillings decreases, allergy risks decrease.

Cheap or Expensive Dermal Fillers?

Additional components are usually cross-linking ingredients to extend the permanence of Hyaluronic Acid filler. Cross-linked Hyaluronic acid fillers can remain longer, but after cross-linking, additional components need to be washed and removed from the filling, so to speak. As each stage of these processes increases the cost, we need to know that most of the expensive fillings are actually of higher quality.

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But please I do not want to mean by that that expensive filler is good here, however many filler products available on the market are sold or made at incredibly low prices, so what I want to say is that these products or applicators should be avoided.

Structure of Dermal Filler

Hyaluronic acid fillings should be of different hardness depending on where they are applied. In fact, this hardness is very important in that they can completely imitate the texture from which they are made. For example, the filling made on the lip should be hard enough to shape the lip, but also soft enough to mimic the softness of the lip. That is why filling companies offer different alternatives for different regions.

The fillings that I apply in my clinic have different hardness forms depending on the area to be applied completely. With the same logic, the stiffness of a filler applied on the cheekbone, which will further increase the protrusion of the cheekbone, and the hardness of the light filler applied to under the eye should not be one .

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