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Before Application

Botox effect should be discussed with the patient carefully before application. Patient should be questioned if there is any problem that it should not be applied. After the disinfection of the application areas, a short video in which all the mimics are revealed is shooted. Before botox application, points that can be different for each patient are determined. When determining these points, the mimic made by the patient is thoroughly examined and attention is paid to the intensity of the wrinkles that occur at that moment.

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The botox application is made with an invisibly thin needle. In order to make you feel the pain even less during the injection, stimuli are given to the application area with a vibrating device. 9 out of 10 people say that they do not feel pain during botox application. Here I would like to mention the issue of applying local anesthetic cream before application. The fine pain felt during botox application is not the moment the needle enters the skin, but more the moment when injection is given . In other words, numbness created on the surface of the skin with the application of anesthetic cream will not actually help reduce pain. But if you still want it, sure we do.

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After Application

We want ice application to be put on for about 5-6 minutes immediately after the application and we try to prevent the bruises that may occur. The effect shows itself on average after 2-4 days and settles about 2nd week. Therefore, a control appointment is given to the 15th day of the application.

Fethiye Botox Application

Things you should pay attention until the check-up appointment:

1. You must stand upright for 5 hours after the application. We never want you to lie on your back, lean forward or lean sideways.

2. We do not want harsh interventions (eye rubbing, skin care, etc.) on your face, especially on the application areas, for 4 days.

3. We want you to be a little patient during this time as the effect will start on average 2 to 4 days.

4. We ask you to contact us in case of developing asymmetry in eyebrows.

Control Appointment

Correction of asymmetries and complementary applications to missing areas, if there are any, are fulfilled.


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