Crow’s Feet Botox

Why Crow’s Feet?

Since the lines formed, especially when we laugh, at the edges of our eyes are similar to the foot of a goose, it is called the goose’s foot area.

How is it formed?

There is an all-round muscle around our eyes. The main task of this muscle is to close the eyelids. As the two eyelids approach towards each other when squinting or closing the eyes, bends occur on the skin near the eye. These distortions here confronts us  in daily life as crow’s feet wrinkles.

botox application

Can’t I Close My Eye If I Have Botox For Crow’s Feet?

Sure you can close. By applying botox only to the area of crow’s feet of eye’s all-around muscle we prevent the contraction of only that area. There is never any problem in closing the eyes.

crow's feet

Eyebrow Edge – How can this area be lifted by Botox Application?

It is observed in almost all people, especially in people with strong eyelid muscle, that after botox application on the crow’s feet area around the eye, eyebrow edge’s pulling down movement which occurs during eye closing or squinting will be blocked so it appears to be lifted. This effect is desired by many people. At the same time as it will relieve the upper eyelid a dynamic appearance is noticed.

crows feet

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