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Fethiye Cheek Filler is a health sign because full cheekbones are known for creating a lively healthy and interesting appearance from past to present. Nowadays, cheekbones, which correspond to the two base corners of the triangle, play an even more important role in order to have sharper facial features.

fethiye cheek filler

How does cheek bone filler act?

The filling made on the cheekbone has more than one effect. As we mentioned at the beginning, first of all it gives volume that can make it more distinctive. The second is the lift (hanger) effect applied by the filling on the cheekbone, especially on the nasolabial groove (the groove with the rectified mouth), and also on the lower face.

How Fethiye cheek filler is applied?

We make plans in front of the mirror with you before the application. We decide which region should be applied with more filling. Pain during the procedure is almost non-existent. Cheek bone filler is application that has to be planned well.

cheek filler

Fethiye cheek filler application is practiced on two or three places according to the width of the cheekbone with the needle. Since we want to add volume with the application and at the same time, the tissue it will imitate is the bone tissue, a hard structured filler is used.

Cheek bone filler takes 5-10 minutes. There is massage and ice compression after Fethiye cheek filler application same as after every application.

Barış Yiğit Clinic is proud of being always on your side with its professional and experienced team in Fethiye.

cheek filler application

You may see before & after pictures of this procedures on Before – After Gallery.

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