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Fethiye tear trough filler application The filling application of this region requires very serious knowledge and experience. As a matter of fact, a very good knowledge of anatomy is needed since the eye is very nearby. I strongly recommend that you go to qualified people and get this service.

What is Fethiye Tear Trough Filler and Under Eye Filler for?

Both the genetics, age and intense sleepless work pace can cause under eye darkness and bagging in the under eye area, especially at the boundry of nose and eye.

tear trough filler

Under eye darkness depends on two main reasons. One of them is genetic predisposition and the other is that the region (tear trough) is concave. Concavity contributes to dark color. Filling this concavity plays a key role in under eye filler applications for under eye darkness. Both tear trough filler and under eye filler should be performed if both needed.

How Fethiye Tear Trough Filler is Applied?

In my practice, I can list the under eye filler for under eye darkness as filling the tear trough and then using fillings with special components that lighten the dark color under the eyes. It does not have to be so ideal for every patient, but I apply it to almost 75% of my patients. Of course, we also have patients who only need to apply Fethiye tear trough filler or special filling for dark color alone.

Fethiye Tear Trough Filler Application

Cannula or Needle?

Another very important point of Under Eye Light filling application is the necessity of this application for using cannula. (I explained in detail what the cannula is on the Filling Application general information page J). Considering the large number of vessels present in the under-eye area and at the same time that these vessels are connected with the vessels of the eye, it is the most correct application to do with the cannula and the cannula which is almost not likely to damage the vessel itself. The exact desired image sits on tenth day in average.

fethiye tear trough filler

Is Fethiye Tear Trough Filler Painfull?

During the procedure, most of my patients state that there is a slight discomfort, but not pain. This feeling experienced during the cannula moving towards the target is completely temporary.

Since the application area has very thin skin due to its nature, sometimes annoying edema can develop, but we overcome it with various edema remedies and massage.

Fethiye is really lucky to have a doctor who is experienced in under eye filler for under eye darkness and friendly staff and also a clinic with quality equipment.

You may see before & after pictures of this procedures on Before – After Gallery.


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