Don’t Let Forehead Wrinkles Make You Upset Anymore

Forehead botox application for forehead wrinkles creates the most prominent effect. The wrinkles parallel to the ground, formed by the gesture of mimic when we put the eyebrows up by getting surprised, upset many people. Here I will explain in detail how these wrinkles form and how to remove them by forehead botox.

Why Does Forehead Wrinkles Occur When We Raise Our Eyebrows?

 It is necessary to examine the anatomy of the forehead. There is a pair of muscles that raise our eyebrows. They start from the eyebrow and extend to the scalp and cause parallel forehead wrinkles on forehead skin. Forehead botox is applied to the spots determined according to the density of the location of the forehead wrinkles.

forehead wrinkle botox

Do Eyebrows Lift Up with Forehead Botox?

There are misunderstandings on this subject, I would like to write about them. Some of my patients say that I want my eyebrows to lift with botox, I want them to appear as suspended. Now, the muscle on the forehead is the muscle responsible for lifting the eyebrows. If we apply forehead botox on that muscle, that muscle will lose its function completely. That is, it is already blocked to lift up. As it can be understood from this, it is not possible to raise the eyebrows with botox application on the forehead. It is possible to lift only the edges of the eyebrows with botox application, and I will explain this in depth on the goose foot page.

Fethiye forehead botox

I Got Botox, My Upper Eyelids Are Swollen And Its Skin Turned to be Baggy, Why?

There is another very important issue that I would like to mention here: the effects of forehead botox to be applied to the forehead wrinkles area at the siuations when there is a lot of skin on the upper eyelid and even when this skin accumulates towards the lashes. In this case, people always raise their eyebrows in a way that they do not even notice themselves, in order to reduce the accumulation in the upper eyelids. In this way, they solve the problem by themselves, by lifting their eyebrows.

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While the intended aim after the botox application of the forehead area is not to lift eyebrows and preventing the forehead wrinkles, it can lead to an increase in the accumulation in the upper eyelids and a swollen appearance on the eyelids for the type of patient mentioned above. Therefore, in patients with this condition, this should be discussed lengthwise before applying botox, and when performing botox, the area chosen should be very close to the scalp and should be away from eyebrows as far as possible.

You may see before & after pictures of this procedures on Before – After Gallery.


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