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Why Do Vertical Lines Occur When Frowning Our Eyebrows?

Frown botox is applied to block two small muscles which are creating the vertical lines between to eye brows. The main task of these two small muscles is to bring the two eyebrows closer together. As the eyebrows approach each other, the bends on the skin between them occur vertically. In some cases, these lines may be more evident after very active muscle usage.

frown botox

Because I constantly frown, everyone around me thinks I am all the time angry, what should I do?

If you do a lot of eyebrow movements in daily life and you are uncomfortable with the vertical lines formed, the best qualified and correct solution will be frown botox application.

frown botox application

So is Filling Application Correct for These Lines?

Speaking of the frown botox application of this region, I would also like to mention the filling application performed in cases where (static) vertical lines cannot be overcome completely with the frown botox treatment. It is the best choice to fill this area after frown botox application. The perpendicular lines, which are already present with the frowning movement, are increased and deepening, while filling the line will prevent it from being crushed in the filled area to create the desired effect. Therefore, first, the frowning motion should be blocked with the application of botox, and if you still complain, the lines are much more softened with a small amount of filling.

vertical lines botox

You may see before & after pictures of this procedures on Before – After Gallery.


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