Nasolabial Filler

What is Nasolabial Filler?

Nasolabial filling is a filling application applied on the area called nasolabial groove, which extends from the nose to the lips. It got its name from the area on which it was applied.

nasolabial filler

To whom is nasolabial filling applied?

The answer to the question of to whom the Nasolabial Filler can be applied is the most important issue in this page. There should not be left even one person who reads this page and still can not find out if Fethiye Nasolabial Filler is suitable for him/her.

First of all, what is the Nasolabial Groove which gave its name to the nasolabial filler? Why is it there? I want to clarify the subject. The nasolabial groove is an anatomical region at the intersection of our lip muscle that surrounds our lips all around and the facial muscles. Because it is an anatomical region, it exists in a newborn baby as well as in a 90-year-old person. The most important function of this anatomical region is to allow the skin on the lip edge to bend inwards, especially during movements such as laughing and mouth opening. In fact, it contributes to the formation of our mouth opening in a way. At the same time, if we see the middle face area as a triangle, the base edge of this triangle is the Nasolabial Groove.

Fethiye Nasolabial Filler

So why does this groove deepen? With age and genetic effects, especially the sagging movement of the middle face region develops towards our incisors. In other words, it makes sagging movement on the nasolabial groove, which is the base edge of the midface region triangle. Due to this sagging, it becomes deeper than the nasolabial groove. So contrary to what is known, this is the main reason for the deepening of the nasolabial region. Of course, with age, volume deficiencies occur and will contribute to this deepening, but the main reason in every way is the sagging of the middle face.

Let’s talk about the treatment of the nasolabial region, why it exists and why it deepens. My patients who come to me for botox and filling applications know that I recommend nasolabial filling to very few people. So actually imagine I’m writing this many pages, but I make this application to very few people. This is what is already true and scientific.

If the middle face sagging is divided into degrees, Nasolabial Filler Application may be suitable for 1st degree sagging. Although the application of nasolabial filling seems to solve the problem in cases of second degree and above, it creates an image like a table mat as the mouth circumference will show fuller.

Nasolabial Dermal Filler

What is the main treatment of the Deep Nasolabial Groove?

As I mentioned above, the factor that causes nasolabial groove deepening is middle face sagging. Deep nasolabial groove treatment is to eliminate sagging of the middle face. Middle face sagging can be eliminated in many ways, you can find detailed information here (medium face blog writing).

How is Fethiye nasolabial filling applied?

I always do Fethiye Nasolabial Filling application with cannula. I push the cannula in through the hole I opened with the needle at the bottom of the groove and I apply it.

Nasolabial Filler Permanence

I use medium-hard filling material for nasolabial filling and its average permanence varies between 10 and 12 months.

Is Nasolabial Filler Application painful? No, pain is never an issue for this application. My patients, who expressed that they felt strange during the cannula moving upwards, never mentioned pain.

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