Temple Filler

What is Temple Filling?

Temple filling is an application I frequently use to eliminate one of the most important elements that aging constitutes. It is the filling application process for the temple areas, which has a serious collapse in some people.

temple filler

How to apply Temple Filler?

Fethiye temple filler is applied directly above the bone with a needle containing hard material. If the existing collapse of the region is in a very large area, a supportive filling application is performed with the cannula.

fethiye temple filler

Is Temple Filling Application Painful?

Since it is made with a needle, there is a little pain during needle entry. Except from this, it only creates a feeling of fullness. Since the muscle, which is the strongest of the chewing muscles, passes through the temple, a slight pain may occur during chewing for a few days due to muscle intervention during the application.


Permanence of Fethiye temple filling application?

Fethiye temple filling application is satisfactory in terms of its permanance since it is made with hard filling materials directly above the bone. It would be correct to talk about the permanence on average 12-14 months.


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