What is Chin Filler ?

Jaw tip filling is very important due to the latest trend in making the whole jaw line more prominent. As I mentioned in the cheekbone filling, the vertex of the triangle in the formation of the triangular facial contours corresponds to the tip of the chin. The complementary characteristic of the prominent cheekbones is the tip of the chin. Therefore, it is called Jaw Tip Filling Application.

jaw tip filler

Is There Any Other Method To Sharpen The Tip Of The Jaw?

When the aim is to make the tip of the jaw more prominent, the most practical one among the procedures that can be performed and that can be applied immediately in office conditions is the application of the Fethiye chin tip filling. Information about all other procedures regarding making jaw tip more prominent is here (accentuating jaw tip blog caption).

How to Make Fethiye Chin Filler?

As I wrote above, the most practical method of defining the jaw tip is the Fethiye chin tip filling method. After a detailed evaluation before the application, it is decided to determine the direction of the chin tip and the application is made.

I mentioned the importance of the pre-application evaluation during the chin tip filling application and also the way of application after this evaluation will be decided. If we open it a little more, sometimes the tip of the jaw should be defined completely forward and sometimes downward. When this kind of different directions are required, I often take pictures before the application and try to explain the patient with simulation as much as I can.

fethiye jaw tip filler

Is Jaw Tip Filling Permanent?

Since the tip of the jaw is usually made with the hardest filling materials, its permanence lasts more. Of course, depending on the individual, it has an average of 10-14 months of persistence.

jaw tip filler application

Is the Jaw Tip Filler a painful procedure?

The application is done with a needle to the full chin tip area, the pain is very small, but it is quite normal that it creates a feeling of fullness for the first 5 minutes after the chin tip filling used in high amounts. The cannula is used when it is necessary to fill the sides to support the chin tip filling. The process of filling with cannula in this region is also a painless procedure.

The application takes between five and ten minutes in total. Then, eight to ten minutes of ice compression is applied.

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