What is Jawline Filler Application?

Jawline Filler is chosen to make the chin line more prominent. It is applied exactly on the line from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin.

Why Jawline Filling is Applied?

When the chin line from the corner of the chin to the tip of the jaw line needs to be clarified, it has various gains. The jaw line can be adjusted with a filling by clarifying it with filling application. Of course, it can not be too large to be camouflaged, it can be easily decided with pre-application evaluation. At the same time, as I mentioned on the Cheekbone Filler and Jaw Tip Filler pages, Fethiye Jawline Filling Application has a great contribution in the formation of the triangular face contours. Another achievement is that the neck line becomes more prominent with the sharpening of the jaw line and the neck seems longer, which adds to sexapality.

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Where and With What is Fethiye Jawline Filling Applied?

Fethiye Jawline Filling is applied to the tip of the chin at the corner of the jaw, I prefer different filling types and different application types to different places along that line. While reaching with the needle to the chin corners I prefer a harder filling material, on the other hand I prefer to use the cannula for the subcutaneous level between the chin tip and the chin corner area. I use needle and cannula for the chin tip and sides as I explained in the jaw tip filling application. The types of filling can differentiate.

fethiye jawline filler application

Is Fethiye Jawline Filling Application Painful?

The chin corners in the parts corresponding to the bone, which are applied in this way, feel fullness rather than pain. There is almost no pain in the areas that the cannula is used. As a result, pain is not  a very important issue in Fethiye Jawline Filling Application.

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How Long Does Jawline Filling Last?

Eventhough Jawline application is done on the area above the bone with different materials its permanance can reach to 10 or even 14 months. Of course, it should not be forgotten that these periods vary according to the person.  How many ml of Jawline Filler is needed?

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